About Quest Kickboxing Academy

Our gym opened its doors in February 2009 with 32 members joining that month. We currently have 106 active members training at our 250 square meter facility which includes a boxing ring, speed balls, pear balls and 21 punching / lowkick bags.
In 2012 we started Quest Kickboxing Development Academy where we were involved in a community upliftment program at the Kameeldrift-East informal settlements. This initiative also won our gym the Eastern Globe Award for Community upliftment.
Since we feel so strong about bullying, we took a stance and started our Sport Karate Academy in February 2015 where we teach the little ones to be fit, gain self-confidence and be bully proof by "thinking on their feet" and be fast in attack and defense.
Our training programs for non-competing members includes Cardio Kickboxing, Boxercise, Kick Camp and Kick Fit. For fighters we offer semi-contact, light-contact, kick-light, full-contact, low-kicks and K1.
About Henry

The South African kickboxing champion and coach Henry van der Walt is the winner of the first ever Eastern Globe Awards; the Award Ceremony took place at Safari Nursery on March 19.

“The Eastern Globes honours and recognizes individuals residing in Pretoria who, with little money, restricted resources and limited manpower, make a real difference in the lives of other people living in Pretoria,” says Betsie van der Merwe, Editor and Co-owner of Eastern Times community newspaper.

 “To show our gratitude towards the community we serve, the newspaper introduced the Eastern Globe Awards last year to acknowledge and honour ordinary citizens for their extraordinary contribution towards making Pretoria a kind and more compassionate environment for all.”

The categories in which individuals could be nominated were as follows: (1) community support; (2) community development work; (3) environmental conservation and promotion; (4) sport; (5) economy and (6) general community involvement such as community safety.

Although Henry was the victor, Jeannie du Plessis and Carol van Niekerk were also recognized for the work they do, while Kobus van Vuuren walked away with the Eastern Times Reader Award (Kobus received the most readers’ votes). Henry van der Walt is a South African kickboxing champion: his passion and love for the sport urged him to start teaching young underprivileged children. Henry runs the Quest Kickboxing Development Academy in conjunction with the Christian Social Council Roodeplaat. He visits informal settlements outside of Pretoria nearly every week where he trains approximately 30 young people between the ages of three and eighteen years in kickboxing. The Academy also teaches the children essential life skills.